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Why The Name Caramelized Beauty?

​-This brand name was chosen by the owner who is an aspiring chef and enjoys sugar art. She also has love and a huge appreciation for the fashion world so the "Caramelized" aspect of the brand name represents the different color stages that sugar transitions through as its being cooked. From granulated white sugar all the way to very deep dark color tones represents ALL of the beautiful shades that women come in. This is why the name was chosen. 

What Is The Mission of The Caramelized Beauty Boutique?

-Our Mission is We want to make ALL WOMEN ranging from light to deep dark complexions comfortable and feeling stylish when it comes to picking out what to wear for any setting, event, occasion, vacation, or just lounging and relaxing.   

What Is The Caramelized Beauty Boutique known for?

-Having stylish outfits designed to flatter ALL body types.

What Does The Caramelized Beauty Boutique Love Most About The Fashion Industry?

-We simply adore all of the different trendy looks and styles curated by women for women.

What Does The Caramelized Beauty Boutique Stand Against?

The Caramelized Beauty Boutique strongly stands against any negativity leading towards tearing each other down. We ONLY want to spread love, happiness, and cute fashions. We also want to see our fans/ customers thrive and be their most happy loving selves in our clothing lines.

Who Is The Owner Of The Brand?

-You can find her here Instagram: authenticlysabrina

How Long Is The Processing And Shipping Time Frame?

-You can find all of that information on the ShippingReturnsPolicy Page.

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